1.  How much do the classes cost?

Karate: $30/month YMCA Members$55/month Non-YMCA Members

Kobudo: $30/month YMCA Members$55/month Non-YMCA Members$20/month Already enrolled in karate

2.  What kind of uniform?


Do-Gi's are required with a Seibukan patch.  They are traditional all white.

Do-Gi's and patch can be purchased from Sensei Nick.  Beginner Do-Gis are $25 and the patch is $10.00.


Do-Gi's are required with a Matayoshi patch.  Kobudo Do-Gi's must be a black top and white bottom.  The patch is $15.00 and the black top is $20.00.  The Do-Gi and patch can be purchased from Sensei Nick.

3.  Can I keep my belt rank from another style?

No.  One must start from white belt if coming from another style.

4.  Are there any other requirements?

Yes.  AAU (American Athletic Union) membership is required.  Cost is $14/year for children and $24/year for adults.  With this membership comes medical insurance and liability insurance for the dojo.  One can join the AAU online at aausports.org.  See sensei Nick for more details.

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